MA1352  Power Multiple Screens for Digital Signage Arrays


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The DT Research MA1352 Multi Screen Appliance features the powerful and energy-efficient Intel Celeron® quad-core processor and integrates 2 video-out connectors for high-quality and optimal display experience. Combined with the industry-leading WebDT Content Manager and Menu Board Editor software, one MA1352 is capable of driving content on up to 2 screens while communicating with the server for updates for digital menu board and advertising applications.

2_screen.png VESA_Mount.pngFull_HD.png Content_Manager.pngRemote_management.png Multiple_Zones.pngRoboust.png Wi-fi.png
  • Intel® Celeron® quad-core CPU
  • Small, robust and fanless design
  • Drives up to 2 screens
  • Microsoft® Windows® Embedded 7 Standard or Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating system
  • Support for multiple zones of content
  • Content flexibility for many multimedia file formats; stretched across multiple screens or played on a single screen.
  • Real-time or scheduled content playback
  • Automatic content download recover

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